How To Write Your Own Wikipedia page

Wikipedia is a terrific free encyclopedia among the top-rated websites on the search engine. It is a hub of information on every topic from any part of the world. It has a staggering rating on Google and Alexa, ranking at number 7 on Google. Creating Wikipedia has many benefits; it has billions of visitors on its page with highlighting traffic.

If a person wishes to create a Wikipedia page, they can have a lot of benefits. One of the benefits of creating a Wikipedia page is it generates traffic and backlinks. It allows you to have credibility and visibility, which is an added bonus to a person’s identity.

Wikipedia has been operating in the industry for over a decade now they have other sister foundations. Wikipedia operates under the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia is an open collaboration space where editors and contributors edit Wiki articles. With a flock of rules and policies, creating a Wikipedia page demands great exertion.


Wikipedia has clear cut rules to follow their five pillars the crux of their definition

  • Wikipedia is an online functioning encyclopedia
  • Wikipedia only endorses neutral point of view
  • It is a free platform to write, edit and update articles
  • Wikipedia etiquettes are important to follow with the Wiki editors
  • Wikipedia rules can evolve over time, be bold in what you say but don’t be reckless

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Wikipedia Content Policies

If you want to know how to write a page for Wikipedia, you have to be fully versed in every Wikipedia guideline. There are a number of guidelines dedicated to writing a perfect Wikipedia article. They have divided their policies into editing guidelines. The behavioral guidelines, content guidelines, etc.

Let’s look into the most important guidelines of Wikipedia, content guidelines. They contain all the basic and advanced policies required to write a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia has rules and policies for each category, content, article titles, manual of style, etc. Some of the core content policies are mentioned below. These are the policies to follow for how to write your own Wikipedia page.

1.  Article Titles

The article titles are supposed to be fresh and easy to understand. Make a title that an English speaker can understand. Be careful, make them precise, unique and concise.

Article Titles
2.  Biographies Of A Living Person

To write a biography of a living person, you need to have authentic references and detailed information. Any sources that are written for self-promotion or sourced from poor sources will be removed instantly.

3.  Use Of Images

Wikipedia asks not to add free-images. You can add an image with a description and copyrights attached to it. Choose a useful image that can be reused. Wikipedia image use policy has to be uploaded with a format, content, and copyrights.

Use Of Images
4.  Neutral Point Of View

The articles have to be designed so that they don’t portray bias or hatred. The article should be free from conflict of interest. Try not to target anyone and be neutral in what you are writing. Wikipedia does not support promotional content. Make sure that you are not making a Wikipedia for the sake of promotion.

5.  No Original Research

To create a Wikipedia page, have ample sources and references. On Wikipedia, you cannot add unpublished data, theories, ideas, or analyses. Each information has to be extracted from secondary sources.

6.  Verifiability

Whenever you add information in the article it should be cited sources. The sources verify if the article fits into Wikipedia criteria. The sources are checked if they are from reputed sites, independent of sources. Any unsupported or biased sources are removed or challenged.

Wikipedia Content Standards

There are rules and advice in Wikipedia, these two main rules talk about the policies and guidelines. Policies need to be followed keenly, otherwise, a Wikipedia page may be restricted for editing. If you fail to follow Wiki guidelines for the article, there are chances of censure.

Any new article that you want to add to the Wikipedia space has to be well regarded and has deep information about it. The articles need to be sourced from verified sources as well as other guidelines that need to be followed.

Wikipedia has a defined style of writing an article. It is specifically designed to fit into Wikipedia criteria. The style manual defines how to write a perfect article title. It also defines the gender-neutral language and explains where to use the word THE.

The Two Determining Factors To Qualify For A Wikipedia Page


Wikipedia only allows a person to have a Wikipedia page, if they are notable. Notability is one of the main factors in deciding if a person can have a Wikipedia page. It is a test that editors use to test the significance of a person. Notability does not entirely depend on importance and popularity. There are other factors involved in it too. The measures of notability also depend on the general notability guidelines or subject-specific guidelines.

  • Significance
  • Secondary sources
  • Reliability
  • Independent of subject

In some cases, significance and sources are not enough to have a stand-alone page. So, the article can be merged with another article into one.


The references that you are adding to the article must be available as public information to verify it. It is among the basic eligibility criteria of Wikipedia. The references have to be collected from reliable sources that are considered legal for Wikipedia. The article needs to be cited with an inline citation. The sources of a quote are marked with inline citations. The second important part is a full list of citations or references and complete formal detail about sources.

Wikipedia has mentioned different types of citations which are,

  • Full citation
  • Inline citation
  • In-text attribution
  • General reference

Steps To Create Your Own Wikipedia Page

Going deep into the qualifying process Of Wikipedia, a writer or an editor needs a complete command of the following steps. To tackle the question, how to write a Wikipedia page? Here is an in-depth step into creating a Wikipedia page.

Create An Account

On the first step of the journey, sign up on the Wikipedia platform. Choose a suitable username, make a unique username. after the account is created and start with your business. While choosing the name of the article, check if the red-link method is available.

Make A Good Reputation

When an account is created, a user can begin to participate on the page. Wikipedia allows to make editing and subtracting on the existing articles. The editing helps in making a good name on the platform and gives the access to make new articles.

Keep Rewriting

One has to be professional in their writings, before writing an article carry appropriate research to see if the topic is meeting the Wikipedia eligibility. If the article does not exist, start practicing writing and keep writing until you have achieved perfection. Wikipedia has talk pages where editors can check and have discussions and a sandbox to check the interface of the article.

Make An Outline

Make a neat and clean outline from the gathered sources. The outline helps to break the articles into sections and make it visible. The index makes it look clear to read and study.

Make An Outline
Add Citations

Citations are the most important part of a Wikipedia article. They are vital to the credibility of an article. citations drive better results for the article, and builds authenticity. The sources and citations make it easier to trust and validate a page.

Take A Review

After writing the article and learning all the basics of Wikipedia, submit the article to the editor to check. The editing and review take a few weeks. The editor usually replies to the problems in the article. They may make some changes in the article or in a case may reject it.

Enjoy And Relax

When the article is added to the Wikipedia space, make sure you keep up with it. It is vital to stay up to date with the changes and alterations happening on the platform. Wikipedia is an open platform; anyone can edit or temper a page. keep a keen eye on everything and relax


How do I write a Wikipedia page?

Answer: Writing for a Wikipedia page can be a task sometimes. If you want to create a Wikipedia page, you have to be fully well-versed in Wikipedia policies and guidelines of content policies and conduct policies.

How to write a good Wikipedia page?

Answer: To write a Wikipedia page, the best option to go is to hire a Wikipedia professional writer. They are experts in their job and have the expertise to create a Wiki friendly page. On the other hand, the experts can help you in writing a Wiki article too.

How to write your own Wikipedia page?

Answer: You can write your own Wikipedia page by gathering relevant sources that are available on the public forums and are verifiable. To write a good Wikipedia article, take a look at how the other Wikipedia articles are written. To ace your article, make sure you are writing from a neutral point of view, no original research.

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