How To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Having a Wikipedia page can be a great achievement in proving your identity or reaching a success milestone. Creating a Wikipedia page is a one job everyone wishes to excel in. Wikipedia is an open-source platform which is a world of encyclopedias. It was created to facilitate people with creating and publishing articles. It is among the most visited sites on the search engine and a highly recognized page.

There are many that builds the stairs to reach Wikipedia. There are certain criteria that needs to fill in. Wikipedia has been very vocal and clear with their content, writing and deletion. Before going into the process of creating a Wikipedia page, one must be well-aware of its guidelines.

Wikipedia is an incredible space to establish potential stability and visibility. It establishes a greater name and polishes the credibility. Wikipedia is an open-source page where contributors and editors can edit the page. If you are looking for how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete, read the following.

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Verify For Notability

Notability is the principal policy in creating a Wikipedia page for an athlete. Notability is further divided, and they have subject-specified guidelines.  Defining notability is the basic test to qualify for creating a Wikipedia page. Notability has a specific guideline that defines as “worthy of notice” or “remarkable”. Notability entirely does not depend on popularity but it plays the main role in qualifying for Wikipedia.

Verify For Notability

If you are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete, you need to adhere to the notability policies of Wikipedia. A topic fits into criteria if it meets the general notability guidelines or subject-specific guidelines. If someone qualifies for notability the editor keeps the right to include it as a stand-alone page or be merged with another page. It is important to have a clear understanding of notability guidelines.

Basic Notability Guidelines To Follow

These points are to define the basic guidelines of Wikipedia. They do not apply for the content for the article. The three points that revolve around to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete are significant coverage, reliable sources, and independent of the subject.

  • The topic should be addressed directly, and it should be more than a trivial message. It does not have to be the main source.
  • It should be reliable; it means that sources need to be verified to check their integrity. All the sources must be gathered from reliable sources.
  • All the sources gathered need secondary sources because they are considered the most reliable. There are no limits to sources as they vary depending on their depth of coverage and quality.
  • Wikipedia does not approve any work that is written by the subject; itself or any affiliated topic. Sources extracted from affiliated sources. Affiliated sources such as press releases advertisements and autobiographies are not considered independent.

Basic Notability Guidelines To Follow

These guidelines only define the notability criteria and not the content of an articles. There are different guidelines of content in Wikipedia. The content of Wikipedia article is governed by due weight, balance and some content policies.

An athlete is also considered to be notable if they have significant awards and honors under their belt. There must be biography with references to prove the significance. If an athlete only meets this criterion, it is not enough to qualify for a stand-alone page.

Notability Criteria An Athlete

  • Trivial coverage can be used to mention in an article. However, it is not sufficient to hold the credibility of an article.
  • Any fan-made pages and blogs are not considered a reliable or reliable sources. They are not considered independent of the subject and are not valuable enough to qualify for notability.
  • Primary sources are also not considered notable sources; they can be used to support an article but are not authentic sources.
  • Biographies of an athlete are likely to be a source and should be added as a reference. At least one source can be added, excluding the database. Biographies are not enough sources for a stand-alone page. But can reach the merit of it.

Steps Into Making A Wikipedia Page

In this detailed guide you will learn how to make a Wikipedia page for an athlete. These are the qualifying steps that can be a great insight of making a Wikipedia page.

1.  Start By Making An Account

The first step into making of a Wikipedia account is making an account. It is the basic and the easiest step to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete. You can sign up by entering a unique and an easy username.

Steps Into Making A Wikipedia Page
Making a Wikipedia page is necessary for making presence on the platform to have a reliable in the Wikipedia editors and contributors’ community. It is also important to communicate and resolve the conflict of interest.

2.  Write Articles Neutrally

Wikipedia has defined its content policies. In which they mention about; a neutral point of view. Which means that everything that is written for the readers must be in a neutral tone. The article, template, categories, everything must be from a neutral point of view.

3.  Do not add original research

Articles must not contain any data, analysis, stats of an unpublished theories. It must avoid the interpretation or synthesis of published data. Wikipedia do not accept primary sources or any article write for self-promotion.

4.  Add Verifiable Information

All the gathered information gathered must be from verified sources. The sources must be linked for the readers to verify its credibility. Citation is important in writing a Wikipedia article to check its accuracy, and to see whether they are published by a reputable site. It is to see if the independent sources have supported it.

5.  Be Reputable

You have to make a good and reputable name in the Wikipedia community. Building an impressive name in the Wikipedia community increases the chances of getting conflict of interest (COI) approved. It is essential to edit a few articles before submitting your article.

6.  Add Citations

Citations are vital to be added to an article. It requires an inline citation for any material that can be challenged or removed. There are two parts to citation. In the first, the text that is sourced from an outside quote is cited with an inline citation as a footnote. The other citation is the full list of references with complete information.

Add Citations
7.  Submit The Page

After practicing and writing drafts you can finally submit the page for a review. The review takes some time as it is checked in accordance with the policies of Wikipedia. The review takes some weeks, after a few weeks the editor replies with their remarks. It is best to honor the opinion of the editor and do as ask.

8.  Keep Monitoring

If the page is published you need to keep a check as Wikipedia is an open-source page. Make sure to be updated about every change that takes place in the Wikipedia article.

Keep Monitoring


Q1: How to make a Wikipedia page for an athlete?

Answer: To make a Wikipedia page for an athlete, you need to be a notable person. Notability determines if the person is eligible to be on Wikipedia or not. Notability means to be worthy of notice. So, if you qualify for notability, you can make a Wikipedia page.

Q2: Why does an athlete need a Wikipedia page?

Answer: One of the main reasons for creating a Wikipedia page is to build and boost reputation. If you are on Wikipedia, it can help in improving, and maintaining your name. It also boosts credibility in the competitive market.

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