How to Create a Wikipedia Article Approved For Anyone – A Complete Guide

Wikipedia is not a promotional or marketing space. It is an encyclopedia that is used for information. It is an entity for notable people, where it is governed by Wikipedia contributors and editors. Wikipedia has defined policies and guidelines that are to follow for creating a Wikipedia page.

To have a Wikipedia page is a big landmark to achieve. The bars to become a Wikipedia member, a person needs to fit into its principles. Many people are unable to qualify for it this can be due to failure to follow the policies and guidelines.

Talking about Wikipedia operates in more than 250 languages, it is a forum serving everyone. Wikipedia has let many actors, musicians, artists on their platform. Wikipedia is among the highest-ranked websites on Google and Alexa. Wikipedia is popular for maintaining the integrity and credibility of its page. The page advocates for anyone who follows their guidelines.


Look For Notability

The first rule to make it to the Wikipedia page is to be a notable personality. Notability is the first and the vital step in creating a Wikipedia page. If anyone wonders how to get Wikipedia page approved? The answer is impressively notable. Notability has a vast spectrum. It covers many areas such as academics, books events, music, etc.

If you gathered the sources from verifiable sources of independent sources then you can qualify for a stand-alone page. It is to remember the entire criteria of Wikipedia do not depend on depend on popularity or importance. These aspects work like a bonus and enhances the chances of acceptance.

In notability, you have to meet at least one criterion out of the two,

If you are meeting the (GNG) or (SNG), it is not enough to content in the article. The notability guidelines do not clear for article writing. The content is verified by; due weight, balance, and other content policies.

The Basic Content Policies Of Wikipedia To Follow


It is a platform which has a plethora of information of articles. It is a credible place to build a person’s nobility. Every writer who chooses to write an article needs to follow the basic, core and other polices of Wikipedia.

Neutral Point Of View

Neutral point of view is the set standard of how to get a Wikipedia page approved. In the encyclopedia content the article has to be written in a proportion. The article needs to have a fair angle with a no bias tone. Neutrality comes under the core content polices of Wikipedia. Any stated opinions cannot be quoted as Wikipedia’s voice, they have to be justified by particular sources.

No Original Research

Wikipedia is not a space to where they allow original researches. For to make a Wikipedia page approved you need to gather reliable sources. Wikipedia prefers to add facts with reliable sources. Here if you are adding a source it needs to cited properly.


In verifiability other reader can check the sources of the information in the article. This helps to verify the authenticity of the sources and the articles. if the added information is not neutral and is likely to be challenged, present them with multiple sources and what other has to say about it. other than this, if a source has the chance to get challenged or removed, add them with inline citation.

Depth Of Coverage

The article needs to have depth in its content. A little coverage of trivial information cannot be a helpful source to make an article. If you are unavailable with insightful information, cite it with multiple sources. The sources must contain relevant information about a person Wikipedia approves any sources that are available at government or public records.

Independent Sources

Independent sources are similar to no original research. Independent sources mean to link sources that are not intended with self-promotion. Make sure that you are not citing the articles that are written for promotion.


Vandalism is strictly prohibited on the Wikipedia platform. Wikipedia do not allow to edit an article to jeopardize the integrity of any other article. Wikipedia do not approve any article to be edited for any negative intention. If an editor witnesses an account doing vandalism, you can completely lose the chance of getting a Wikipedia page.

The Simple Content Methods To Follow For Wikipedia Page Approval

Tell It Clearly

Write everything directly without twisting and distorting of words. The articles need to be written in a general tone, by following the content guidelines. You have to carefully pick the tone of the article and avoid platitudes.

Be Precise With The Words

Avoid unnecessary words and quotes you have to be precise in what you are writing. Do not go overboard with the words or add any misinterpretations. Verbosity or rambling of words is not encouraged on Wikipedia. Overlapping is also not a favorable condition in it, as it can overlap the content and affect the credibility of an article.

Have A Scope And Strength

Have a purpose in your article, and identify the importance of your article. When the reader will start to read the article, make sure you are serving the purpose of creating a Wikipedia page. The scope of an article has to be at the beginning of an article. Avoid any kind of redundancy to avoid any kind of conflict in the article.

Do Not Overlink

Links are an important part in adding to an article. Links are the key player in making a Wikipedia page but overlinking is not essential for Wikipedia. Add the links and citations where they are required only. Overlinking may cause the defer from the authority so keep it clear when the links defer.

Keep The Spirit Alive

An article needs to eb alive, it means that to stop where you have to. If the purpose of the article is served you will need to stop.


The Qualifying Steps To Get A Wikipedia Page Approved

Make An Account

It is the one step that can get you into the Wikipedia page creation process. It is simple to sign-up on Wikipedia by joining their page for free. Start by entering the relevant information into the registration box and filling in the required information. Wikipedia asks you to choose a unique name to get your Wikipedia page approved.

Edit, Edit And Edit

To ace, a Wikipedia article, make sure you are a pro at it. But first, start by editing other articles in Wikipedia. Editing an article is a gateway to prove yourself on Wikipedia. Go through all the details into editing a Wikipedia article, and become an auto-confirmed user. You can check the article’s draft in the sandbox and have an idea of its interface.

Outline And Format Properly

When you write an article in a perfect tone, you need to format and outline it properly. Use neat and clean language to edit an article and make sure to properly align it. The article has to divide into content for readability. Formatting is also another integral part of writing an article, format, and use the manual of writing in Wikipedia.

Add the citations to the article, there is proper guideline that defines the citation method. If you avoid to cite your article it can affect the article.

Submit The Article To The Editor

If you have completed writing the article, it is time to submit it to the editor and wait. The waiting period may take time, and you will have to wait for their reply. The editor thoroughly checks the articles and will reply after a period of weeks or months. The article submitted is checked and editors reply with the required editing needed. There are two conditions in it either the page will be approved or rejected. If an editor makes some changes honor his command.

Keep On Going

If you have succeeded in making a Wikipedia page, you have to stay updated with it. Wikipedia can alter or modify their policies and guidelines. Keep a keen eye on your article to avoid any changes. To make your article successful add targeted keywords to it, that it can have a great search engine ranking.


Who can get a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia is an open-source platform that welcomes, editors and writers to write articles about them. Although there are many Wikipedia policies and guidelines, the basic guidelines that allow making a Wikipedia page are notability. Notability means you need to have worthy sources and references to make a Wikipedia page.

How long does it take to get a Wikipedia page approved 100%?

The usual time for a Wikipedia page approval is a period of 3 months or more. In this span, the editors and Wikipedia authorities check and read the articles. You may hear back from them, usually, the editors ask to edit a page or add some relevant information, If the article does not fit under the Wikipedia criteria it will be rejected instantly.

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