How to Get a Wikipedia Page Approved

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Are you an emerging name that is concerned on how to get a Wikipedia page approved at an attempt? This is because you are unaware of the tricks and techniques that surely make a Wikipedia page that is attractive, outstanding and most significantly accepted. Most of the agencies find it difficult as all the brands are restricted to have an existence on the popular and globally recognized platform Wiki for the elimination of countless hassling names in the market. It is, therefore, required by the site to provide the finest content that is through the provided format of Wikipedia.

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The process of creating a perfect Wikipedia page

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How long does it take Wikipedia to approve an edit?

The duration for approval depends upon the number of edits. If there are mere edits then it be get approved within a few days or else for a huge number of edits, the duration can take up to three to four months.

How to get a Wikipedia page approved?

Certain criteria are there that helps you get your page approved. You have to stick to the Wikipedia policies, which say no to promotional content and biased arguments. Secondly, you have to cite all the information to legitimate platforms that add more credibility to your content.

Is editing Wikipedia illegal?

No, it’s not. Wikipedia is an open-source platform and it allows users to edit the content. You do not even have to go into any hassle to do that. Simply create your Wiki profile and send the request to edit the content you find riddled with errors.

Can I check who edited my Wikipedia page?

Yes, you can. In your profile, you can find a history section where the information for all of the edit requests will be saved for you to review. You can either accept or cancel it as per your own research. You can even save the edit history as well.

Can you get banned from Wikipedia?

Yes, you can if you get involved in vandalism. If you intentionally try to create a negative influence on someone else’s page, Wikipedia quickly acknowledges your action and bans you for quite a long time. Then there are other ways to regain the lost credibility and to come back on the platform.