How To Get A Wikipedia Profile

The core focus of Wikipedia is to deliver authentic, unique, and original information. Since January 15, 2001, the day when it launched, it is uninterruptedly serving its visitors’ needs by providing well-versed content free from plagiarism and impartiality. That is the reason why knowledge hunters love to search for their required content on Wikipedia. They know it will provide them with the most authentic info which they can not get from any other website on the internet.

Everyone is mindful of Wikipedia and how it works. Generally, we all know its purpose and how to search for it. But very few of the population among us know the well-versed definition of Wikipedia, who publish articles on Wikipedia, how to publish articles on Wikipedia, and even how can you get your Wikipedia profile. In order to make you understand properly, it is essential to let you know everything in detail from the scratch.

What is Wikipedia?

You might have heard several times that Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia from which you can get your desired information by searching through it. It is an effortlessly reachable and open-source platform where anyone can write and publish his article and even can edit the already published ones. Supervised by the Wikimedia foundation owned by Jimmy Wales, is a non-profit and charitable association that encourages the development, growth, and circulation of authentic content in multilingual mediums to the general public without charging any fee.

Core Principles of Wikipedia

Every system and organization has a few principles which are considered as the foundation of that system or organization. When we talk about Wikipedia, its community is built on a few standard principles. A few of the core principles are; Neutrality, Faith, stick to the parameters.

  • Neutrality: Wikipedia encourages neutral and unbiased content. The admins make sure that the content they are publishing after review must be impartial. This policy of Wikipedia obligates writers and editors to produce content that must be free from biases or else they are well aware that it will be get deleted by Wikipedia’s administration.
  • Faith: The principle of faith with regards to Wikipedia is just means that millions of volunteers are contributing to it voluntarily with the essence of faith. Also, a reader can participate in this process voluntarily and edit the content when he thinks it’s needed and if he has enough insights about that specific content.
  • stick to the parameters: Another principle is to stick to the parameters decided by Wikipedia. Wikipedia has certain parameters which should be followed by each and every volunteer and contributor. While writing and editing it is mandatory to follow those parameters.

Prominent Benefits you can gain by creating a Wikipedia page

In case you are a business owner, or a professional individual who is seeking the best source over the Internet for the purpose of publicity, then Wikipedia is absolutely the best pick for you.

Here is why:

The worldwide organic traffic of Wikipedia fluctuates respectively every other month it someway depends on the type of content contributed by different volunteers to the Wikipedia has over that explicit time span. It has been noticed by the Statista that around 5.6 billion global visitors visit Wikipedia solely in June 2021 which is a tad fluctuation from 5.5 billion visitors in February 2021. Have a look at the stats below:

Just look at the stats below, Jan2021 to June 2021 you will notice a huge shift in the globally acclaimed Wikipedia audience. Thus, the worldwide influence of Wikipedia is unpredictable at some extent.


Above stats shows that why it is very beneficial to create a Wikipedia page because it has a worldwide visitor. Also check the benefits mentioned below:

The Swiftest medium for the promotion of your business

Wikipedia competently shelters each subject matter profoundly. It is measured one of the utmost well-organized mediums to promote any business. An individual can get info related to everything from person, books, brands or products and whatever you like to know. It is prominent that the people will be mindful of your product and services if your business-related info is available on Wikipedia. The interesting yet convincing manner of the article writers fascinates an enormous number of visitors to buy your product. Thus, it will prove the best business promotional tool if it is utilized successfully.

Provide an authentic and niche related content

For the reader or researcher, it is the most vital thing to get the info that is original and authentic. They always look for the related content which is required for the specific purpose. Wikipedia provides them with authentic and original info that they look for. If you create a Wikipedia profile you can promote authentic content by using it.

Timely changes to the content with respect to current trends

Wikipedia urges its volunteers and contributors to timely update the already existing content. Review the information which seems outdated and altered the article with up-to-date information. That’s the reason why Wikipedia never loses its audience as the timely updates get its audience always connected and well informed. So, it is the best possible way to keep your audience updated.

How To Have A Wikipedia Profile?

In case you want to create a Wikipedia profile by following the proposed guidelines:

The first stage is the creation of a Wikipedia account.

For the purpose of account creation, all you have to do is to open the browser, which you prefer to use no matter Chrome, Mozilla, or whatever you like. Then open the official Wikipedia site and click on the account creation button that you will see on the top right corner of the website. Then it will provide you with a form in which you have to add your basic details which will be necessarily required to start the account creation process including username and password after that you can create your Wikipedia account.


The second stage is turn out to be autoconfirmed user

Earlier generating a page on Wikipedia, you have to first turn out to be an autoconfirmed user. The standards for becoming an autoconfirmed user differ and are dependent on the condition. Autoconfirmed accounts are those that have been active for 4 days or more than that. It also has completed at least 10 updates. These are the thorough instructions to be an autoconfirmed Wikipedia user. You can move towards the next stage if you become autoconfirm.

The third stage is the creation of a Page

After account creation, you will see a blue button that will say “Article Wizard”. Whenever you become autoconfirm click on this blue button and then you will go to the article wizard page where you can write a sample article for your page.


The fourth stage is to include Citations on your page

Citation is the sole thing that is vital to be included. If you want to show that your page is credible enough to get trusted then you must add third-party sources that will make your page legitimate. credibility will upsurge your business for sure.

The fifth stage is the proposal of the page to get reviewed.

Once you complete your article, send your page to Wikipedia, the admin will review your page and make sure that your page is not violating any Wikipedia proposed rules. Then he will accept and publish your page on the official Wikipedia site. In case your page violates any rules of Wikipedia.

The last stage is to keep your page up-to-date

In case your page started to rank on the search engine and bring traffic, then it is mandatory to keep it up to date on a regular basis to certify that each piece of content is relevant to your product and service. With the timely updating approach, you can come across faster as compared to other web pages.

Wikipedia Page Deletion Policy

The deletion policies of Wikipedia are severe and any sort of violation of rules will get your content deleted definitely. It is significant to take care of the rules and policies proposed by Wikipedia. Make sure not to violate them.

Why does Wikipedia delete pages?

  • Breaching of copyright.
  • Files that trespassing on the non-free policy.
  • Content that is not possible to authenticate.
  • Publicity with irrelevant content.
  • Content that does not fit in an encyclopedia.
  • The Content that doesn’t follow a minimum of one of the deletion rules.
  • Content that disturbs Wikipedia’s policies, mainly in the biographies of living ones.

Become a noticeable contributor Upholding your Positive Image

In case you are wondering how to have a Wikipedia profile, your main focus should be to maintain your noticeable existence that can be noticed by the Wikipedia administration. You should attain a reliable and notable place. To do this, it is mandatory to do at least 7 complete edits on the pages

It is a true fact about Wikipedia that it goes through 1.9 edits each second in a total of 24 hours. Also, the account should be a minimum of 4 days old if you want to perform those edits.

How to write a Wikipedia biography?

In case you are willing to write a Wikipedia biography so this is to let you know that it can be written in the same way as you write other articles on Wikipedia. Just create an account on Wikipedia and then add your content related to biography.

The Eligibility Criteria of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is said to be an open-source platform where anyone can voluntarily contribute to it. However, it has its own eligibility criteria that should be kept in view while creating a Wikipedia page and writing an article for it.

Content should be easily verified

Your content must be easily verified from other notable sources. Make sure you take references from notable sources otherwise Wikipedia will mark it as unverified content, in case they can’t verify that.

Content must be unique

The content you have written for your Wikipedia page must be well-versed, free from plagiarism, and unique.

Admin will thoroughly review

As you submit your first draft to the admins of Wikipedia, they will; take a few weeks to review your content. Moreover, you can edit your content in the meantime.

Content should meet Wikipedia requirements

It is essential that the content you have written for the Wikipedia page must follow Wikipedia requirements or else you know better what will the authorities do.

Pieces of Advice to Get Listed on Wikipedia

Get your page listed on Wikipedia is a full package that consists of a few timely implementations of strategies and a good fortune too. There are some pieces of advice that will be beneficial for your page in future in case you follow them.

Start with short pieces of writing:  At first, you should initiate your writing with a ‘stub’ (a shorter piece of writing) prior to devoting your precious time to 1000+ words of article writing because you really do not know if your article will be accepted or deleted.

Add Reference: Must add a reference. Your article should be supported by external or internal links. References are always required.

Get mentioned by others: Make sure that your article’s link is mentioned on other Wikipedia pages too. It will assist you in increasing your notability.

The above-listed bits of advice can be effective for you to get listed on Wikipedia but there is no guarantee that you will get a perfect Wikipedia article that will stay in long run. You have to be patient and consistent to get your desired outcomes.


How do you get a Wikipedia profile?

You just have to follow the proposed guidelines and after following each and every step you can get your Wikipedia profile easily.

What are the guidelines to create Wikipedia biography page?

It has always been a tricky task to create a Wikipedia biography It requires authentic stats and in-depth insights about the person for whom you are going to write.

Can you write your own biography on Wikipedia?

If you are asking that, can you write your own Wikipedia biography so it’s not recommended? Wikipedia does not encourage anyone to write an autobiography because it can be seen as a ‘conflict of interest’. Wikipedia wants its volunteer to promote and produce unbiased content and when you are writing about yourself you can not be unbiased for sure.

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