How To Get A Wikipedia Page About Yourself

If you want to get listed on Wikipedia, it is one of the challenging tasks. Wikipedia page has lots of nuts and bolts, it is not as easy a task as it looks. To know how to get a Wikipedia about yourself, bear in mind this site sitting on number 10 among the top websites of the world. This free and global encyclopedia becomes the buzzword today, as everyone is looking forward to making a Wikipedia page about myself.

Wikipedia is considered as the largest encyclopedia, and it features 7,281,994 million articles and 6,468,442 articles only in the English language.

Articles by quality and importance

If you are planning to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, then you need to learn certain crucial aspects to get your page approved.

Tips To Consider For Wikipedia Article

Over the past two decades, Wikipedia has often been named under to most authentic encyclopedia and one of the most recognized entities in the digital world. However, the main motive of a blog is to not talk about the role of this platform in marketing and scrolling about its stats. This blog is written to discuss the criteria and mention the possibilities to get a Wikipedia page about yourself.

So, without further ado, dive into it!

1.  Try to be neutral

This means all the articles are written from a standpoint, and talk about reviews fairly. Avoid creating bias and promotional content. Make sure you do not use Wikipedia as the marketing platform.

2.  Look before you leap

Before you create the article on Wikipedia of yourself from scratch, please search to make sure the article you create is not duplicated to the article that already exists. You have to follow the naming convention to avoid such problems.

Look before you leap
opt for the best Wikipedia writing style

Wikipedia articles can be structured and designed under the Wikipedia writing style. So, to create a Wikipedia page of yourself, check out the Wikipedia Manual of style. MOS is considered as the house of standards for the wiki. The MOS includes several guidelines such as biographies, proper names, citations, titles, and different stylistic details. Some of them show in this picture.

opt for the best Wikipedia writing style
Not all actual information is verifiable

The most important criteria for the inclusion of articles on Wikipedia are the credibility and verifiability factor. However, Wikipedia is not a platform to publish original research. Despite this, you need to restructure knowledge and restate them from the most authentic published sites such as journals or books. To create a Wikipedia page of yourself, must include such resources that your readers follow up.

5.  Do not use neologisms

First, understand what is Neologism. These are the words or terms that have been coined recently and do not appear in the dictionary yet. So, when you make a Wikipedia page for myself, avoid using neologism. For Wikipedia, it is important that readers understand every word that mentions in the Wikipedia article.

6.  Avoid using trademark

Another most important rule to create a Wikipedia page is to avoid using trademarks. Make sure you do not use any symbols such as ® & TM until they are not too much important for your context that includes generic names and brand names. Make sure you also use a low-resolution version of logos or such symbols.

7.  No copies of Primary resources

The most important factor to make a Wikipedia page of yourself approved is; you can use public domain resources as a base of your Wikipedia article. make sure you do not add any large document or resource within your article.

Five Pillars Of Wikipedia

These are fundamental principles you must have to consider to create a Wikipedia page of yourself. These principles are summarized in just five simple steps. These are the basic things that need to keep in your mind at the time of content creation.

Five Pillars Of Wikipedia
Have deep insights on these
five pillars;

*   As an encyclopedia

Wikipedia is not a soapbox or an advertising platform. It was established to deliver the most authentic information to the readers.

As an encyclopedia
*   Must written from a neutral point of view

Wikipedia is looking for articles that strive in a neutral tone. The article that explains the major point of view always be the first priority of Wiki contributors. They avoid advocacy and even characterize the issues and problems, instead of debate. They mention all articles written strive for citing from reliable sources and consider the verifiable accuracy of your content.

Must written from a neutral point of view
*   Provides Free content that uses or edit by anyone

Wikipedia takes strict actions against those who used plagiarized content. So, never plagiarize the content from any source. On Wikipedia, any contribution made can be mercilessly edited or redistributed. You need to respect copyright laws.

*   Editors must treat each other with respect

Every editor needs to respect fellow Wikipedians, even if you do not agree with their suggestion. Bear in mind, your article must follow Wikipedia etiquette, and avoid doing personal attacks. You should act in a good manner and must assume good faith in others. Always show welcoming behavior to newcomers.

Editors must treat each other with respect
*   It has no firm rules

Wikipedia has certain guidelines and policies, but all these are not carved in stone. For Wikipedia, the principles are more important, than literal wording. Wikipedia mentions are bold when updating your article but do not be reckless. Below the chart shows the list of guidelines that need to consider to create a Wikipedia page for myself or on any other topic.

It has no firm rules
Steps To Follow To Make A Wikipedia Profile

You should know that Wikipedia ranks on the higher ranking on every search engine, whether it is Google or Bing. It eventually adds more credibility and improves your page visibility among targeted readers. Wikipedia is the dominant platform for creating optimized content and gives better recognition on digital platforms.

Yet, making a perfect wiki profile sounds like a daunting task, and yet, it is. For this reason, this guide is designed to help you in creating a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Step #1 – Create a wiki profile about yourself

For creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, you have to create your account to get registered on the wiki page. The account creation process is quite simple, click the create account option to appear at the top right corner of a wiki page. Fill your form with the basic credentials and choose an appropriate username. Never forget to add a reliable email address to get notifications and stay updated for your wiki page.

Step #2 – Read Wikipedia biography guideline outlines

Wikipedia is a notable and credible platform because of its strict page creation policies. This platform advises the writers to write neutral and unbiased tone content. Also, it gives complete instructions to create valuable content to engage the readers. When you want to compose a biography, you have to add reliable and relevant information to make yourself prominent on the digital platforms.

However, according to Wikipedia guidelines you have to consider these factors thoroughly that are; notability factor, verifiable sources, writing style, and format.

Step #3 – Find out the uniqueness For your chosen topic 

Wikipedia is seeking for uniqueness for your page content. You have to ensure that your page content must be exclusive that is never available on Wikipedia. To check your page uniqueness, you will have to enter the page title in the search box, if it is available on the wiki then you have to go for another topic.

Step #4 – Carry out comprehensive research 

As is mentioned above when you want to get on a wiki, you will have to hunt for unique information as well as valuable information. Your content must be interesting enough to hook the reader’s attention. You will have to support your content with the facts and figures that are related to a person’s achievements. So, you have to be particular with your research criteria and do not include any information without its complete verification. For Wikipedia, reliability is one of the major factor and well-versed factors.

Step #4 – Carry out comprehensive research
Step #5 – Write optimize content 

When you decide to create your profile on Wikipedia, you will have to follow the complete format for a biography page. It includes the biography, career, work, references, and many other options. It is essential to add basic information about a person’s career and work achievements. It helps to create optimized content with proper references and citations. That enhances your page’s credibility and validity.

Step #6 – Must Cite the Sources

On Wikipedia, there are numerous sorts of citations. When you are citing your resource, it is important to go through the Wikipedia Citation policies.

*   Full Citation

The most common citation is a full citation that identifies the reliable sources and shows readers from where the data originated.

*   Incline Citation

This type of citation refers to the added information that must be close to the information and support it. It normally appears in the form of a footnote.

*   Short Citation

A short citation is a kind of incline citation that identifies the area where specific information might be found. But it does not give full details to the sources. This type of citation is usually used in the bibliographic section, whether it is used in a separate section or in the earlier footnote.

*   In-text attribution

This citation types include adding the statements in the article. The in-text attribution is done whenever the writers should be credited in the form of quotations, opinions, close paraphrasing, or statements on uncertain facts.

*   General reference

General reference is also the citation type that supports content, but it is not linked with any particular piece of information written in the article. However, these references are generally refer or listed at the end of your article. You find these references in the reference section. You find these references in underdeveloped articles, especially when articles are supported by a single source.

Step #7 – Do Amendments When Needed

Consider this step always, if you want to make your Wikipedia page approved, make sure it is updated as per the Wiki guidelines. For this, you have to make some authentic edits and do proper amendments to make your Wikipedia more relevant and credible. In order to make a Wikipedia page for yourself make sure your content is free from measure errors.

Step #8 – Page submission process

Once you follow all these steps, you can easily create a perfect wiki page that is ready for submission to the wiki volunteers. If you think what is the article submission process, then it is quite simple. You have to log in from your account, and then find the option of “create a page”. You have to upload your file there for the submission process.

Step #9 – Wait for approval

After content submission, you have to wait for months. The Wikipedia page approval time usually takes 3 to 6 months. Assume, if authorities find out any error, they send you to perform editing, and they even make sure about the content verifiability. When the wiki page creators identify the content as credible and reliable, they instantly approved the content without any delay.

Step #10 – Monitor your page regularly

Your Wiki page needs to be updated from time to time when it’s get approved by authorities. The reason is Wikipedia is an open platform that gives eligibility to everybody to change the information. So, make sure your content is free from any false information. In this regard, you are also content with the best Wikipedia page creation agency. They will surely help to get a flawless Wikipedia page for yourself.


How do I create a Wikipedia page for myself?

To create Wikipedia, all you have to do is to create your account on Wikipedia, and then add up your article on it. Only signed-in and registered users can create a Wikipedia page or modify it.

How to get a Wikipedia page about yourself?

You have to go through the community guidelines, and involved many people to build a Wikipedia page about yourself. Try to create content that resonated with a large audience and make them feel they are engaged in your content.

How long does it take to get a page about yourself on Wikipedia?

There are numerous steps for the page creation of yourself. So, you can expect it takes 4 to 6 weeks at the least.

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