How To Create a Wikipedia Page for An Author?

Are you an author? Do you want to gain online recognition locally and internationally? Then make a Wikipedia for an author today!

Everybody loves to entertain themselves with interesting books, whether it is fictional or non-fictional. Even our bookshelf is filled with a bunch of books by your favorite writers. But, do you ever consider what you know about writers you love? Most probably not.

The interesting fact is they played an important role in redefining your personality. So, this is the right time to learn more about the book author by creating a Wikipedia page.

Creating the author page on Wikipedia helps to you accomplish unbeatable online recognition, build credibility, and boost your reputation worldwide. This largest encyclopedia has more than 18 billion page views every month. And, it accomplishes 9th position as the most visited site globally.

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Notability Criteria for An Author Wikipedia Page

To make a Wikipedia page for an author, there are some notability factors to consider;

  • Have impactful contribution to their industry
  • Have some achievements and nominations for their work
  • Have some awards on the basis of work
  • Have to be renowned for a unique perception

Step By Step Guide to Make a Wikipedia for An Author

This comprehensive is created to help writers who want to make a Wikipedia page for an author to help them in managing every little information easily.

Wikipedia page creation follows strict adherence, so the writer should consider every policy to get an approved page for an author.

Read on to follow each guideline!

Step #1 – Create Wikipedia Account for An Author

Do you want to create Wikipedia for an author to achieve online recognition? If yes, then here you go. The first and foremost thing for getting your Wiki page is you have to create your account on Wikipedia. For this, you have to go to the homepage (

Then, the world’s most visited and authentic encyclopedic has opened. You have to select a language prefer to choose English. After that, you may have to click on the create account option available in the top right corner of your screen. The account creation permits you to get a unique username & password.

Make sure you index the actual information that proceeds you to get a user page. To contribute to Wikipedia, its writers establish their contribution when they have the intention to create a Wikipedia page for an author. Your contribution increases your credibility, you have to do some authentic edits on the most outdated pages.

Step #2 – Thoroughly Read Page Creation Guidelines

Writing down a Wikipedia page is not an easy-going process. You should read every little guideline to create a wiki page for an author. So, here are some strict notes that were taken out from its long list that every author should consider.

► Notability factor

When you are creating the author page, make sure he is notable enough. according to Wikipedia guidelines, an author must have some online recognition. He must be verifiable and valuable enough that must engage readers and making them stay on the page.

► Writing Style & formatting

Whether you create a Wikipedia page for a book or for an author, writings style is another crucial thing to consider. Your content must be clear with structured sentences and free from grammar errors. Must avoid creating content in an argumentative or promotional tone.

► Vandalism

Creating an author page, so must avoid vandalism, as it is Wikipedia take notice of it in every way. Those who try to get involved get blocked by Wikipedia and never access their accounts. Never try to defame the Wikipedia page creation policies by posting irrelevant and unrealistic information.

Step #3 – Go to the Requested Article

Once you checked the author’s credibility, then go to the requested Article search box to check the uniqueness of your topic.

Go to the Requested Article
This will let you choose an appropriate topic that would never cover on Wikipedia. It will give surety that articles never exist on this platform and are suitable enough for inclusion. When you research the topic name, and it appears in Red Link means you are good to go.

Step #4 – Gather Author Information

After finding that your author is eligible enough, now you have to move forward and research him/her. Make sure you gather the information that is published in credible sources such as books and journals. Try to stay comprehensive while adding descriptions and mentioning facts and figures to add more weightage to your content.

Gather Author InformationSource: Wikipedia Template Infobox Writer

Step #5 – Start Writing a page for An Author

Here comes the most important step that is page creation for an author. The information you are writing must be easy to understand and it does not disrespect or defame the integrity of a person. Your content must be written from a neutral point of view. Avoid adding personal opinions. Make sure your content does not have verbosity. Try to deliver informative content, and evade to create content in a promotional tone. If there is any conflict of interest related to a subject you cover, you are not allowed to add any good to it.

Step #6 – Consider Content Formatting

Now heading towards the next step – Content formatting. You need to properly structure your content as per Wikipedia guidelines. You should know the right criteria to properly organize your content or author information on Wikipedia to make it more readable.

Try to make shorter paragraphs up to 4 lines to increase readers’ engagement. Must use subheadings to add more detail about your topic. You have to use proper formatting tools to systematically organize your information. Never forget to add visuals to your content, as imagery helps to steer more traffic to your page.

Step #7 – Must Add Citation

Adding citation increase the authenticity and verifiability of your content. Make sure you resource the information from an independent resource. Wikipedia even mentions citation formatting to help Wikipedia page writers in order to create perfect page content for its users. You can ever hire Wikipedia writers to get a Wikipedia page for an author without hassle. They have experience in creating highly captivating content and are perfectly structured to get instant page approval.

Step #8 – Proofread

To get your author page accepted on Wikipedia, you must check out your content to make it error-free. Your content must be free from writing mistakes, grammatical errors, illicit information, and promotional tone. You even have to be very conscious when it comes to sentence structure consider each sentence to remove any typing error or mistake. You can even use the advanced tools and take help from official editors to make your content flawless, so it will never be rejected or gain higher credibility.

Step #9 – Article Submission

After article completion, you have to submit it to Wikipedia authorities. It may take 3 to 6 months on average to get the approval. When your article gets accepted, you will receive a link to check it.


How to create a Wikipedia page for a book?

To create a Wikipedia page for a book, you need to create an account to register yourself on Wikipedia. Then, you should start the page creation process and read its guidelines to get a flawless wiki page easily.

Can anyone create a Wikipedia page for an author?

Yes, anyone can create a Wikipedia page for an author. But they have to make some rigorous efforts to understand the Wikipedia page creation process. It helps them in getting an approved page efficiently.

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